Mulberry Season Adventures

These are NOT pesky trees that stain our sidewalks and shoes.


These are tough trees that withstand harsh winters, and provide perfect purple bundles of nutrition that literally fall from the heavens!  They have survived urbanization, pollution, and deforestation.  Give them some praise will yah’.

We get such a thrill from checking them daily for ripeness, and having that green light once they start to fall.  Having the experience of eating something straight from the source, with no steps in between is so rare these days.. It’s called being high on life.

The excitement from the kids to pick.. ‘just one more’ is such a joy to watch.  We are designed to climb trees, and our fingers are perfectly made for picking fruit like this.

Eating high fiber, high water, nutrient dense, antioxidant rich food is how we thrive and survive.


Berries that we bring home are used for hot days like this.  Just blend some with frozen bananas and water for purple nice cream.  Easy and delicious!

Keep your eyes open for fruit in your area..

Our wild purple raspberries are next 🙂

Stay tuned.