“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought that no one but myself…” -C.S. Lewis

I am so grateful to have friends in my life who live with passion and purpose.  Nothing inspires me more.  I created this space to share their endeavours with you.

Kevin Cosmo Rogers

13076928_10208113006278576_2819383843323921678_nKevin and his family are shining examples of how to live compassionately and healthfully.  Kevin is the creator of High Energy Parenting, a course which helps motivate, inspire, and coach those looking to change their lives. To learn more about Kevin, his family, and his course please visit High Energy Parenting.  I took this course myself, and attribute my recent successes to the guidance I received.  I highly recommend it!



Adrianna and Tamara


The Fix + Co, a trendy spot for fresh organic juices, smoothies, healthy meals to go, and much more!  I love this place, and you will to.  Adrianna and Tamara have put a lot of love into their food and business.  The spot also offers a variety of workshops, so be sure to check out what’s new on their calendar.  My kids and I have sampled many of their smoothies and juices, and we give them a ten out of ten!



Kristen Wiwczaruk


Kristen is the creator and driving force behind Spirit Sister. Canadian-made, organic, small batch & Reiki-charged aromatherapy, beauty products, tea, and more!  Kristen is a living example of what it means to live with passion and purpose. Her love of nature, body and spirit shine through in all her Spirit Sister products!



Emily Vegan Veins


Emily is a truly passionate ethical vegan, her love for animals is expressed in the products she creates.  Check them out here on her ETSY shop.  Her heart is poured into these high quality items, she is truly a voice for the voiceless.  I personally LOVE my “Not Your Mom Not Your Milk” t-shirt, always worn proudly.  Thank you Emily!



Ted Carr 


Ted is a true testament to the power of fruit!  Triathlete, YouTuber, coach, entrepreneur, are just a few of the many hats he wears.  Ted has been raw vegan/fruitarian for over 7 years, his knowledge and drive for the lifestyle is contagious. For more about Ted visit 




Katrina Nerisse


The driving force behind the popular plant based blog Mindfully Bliss is fellow Torontonian Katrina!  She shares her personal experiences, vegan living tips and recipes, and all things health and wellness.  Katrina motivates and inspires people from all walks of life to thrive on a healthy vegan lifestyle!



Hannah and Derek Howlett

Hannah and Derek are a power house vegan couple!  They share their lives with us through multiple YouTube channels, sharing everything from what they eat, building a tiny house, minimalist living, cycling, weight loss, law of attraction, and everything to do with starting and succeeding as a happy vegan.  I have one of their recipe books in my collection which I LOVE and regularly reference.  They are down to earth and simply awesome.