Monthly Archives: January 2017

2017, Bring it.

Hello Fruity Family!

We are well into January 2017 now, and have you kept your resolutions so far? How many have you broken? ­čśë


It doesn’t matter because today, and every day, is just simply that.. a new day, a new moment. ┬áNever get down on yourself for “failing” because it’s all in your head.. whatever failure you say you had, it’s only because you have labelled it that way. ┬áFlip it around and say.. “I’m either winning, or I’m learning.” ┬áIf you are learning a lot, that’s great! ┬áEvery negative thought you have about yourself or your actions, are because of you. ┬áLook inward, change your vocabulary, change your attitude, and the actions will follow.

So yes, the worst thing that you can ever do is get down on yourself, it only furthers the spiral downward. ┬áI don’t believe in hitting rock bottom before climbing up. ┬áIf we can change our thoughts, and our perception of what’s actually happening, we can change the result.

No matter what, never give up.  Hold your goals, hold your desires, hold your dreams!  If you want it badly enough, you will make it happen.  It may take longer than you expect but who cares.. if you want it enough the only sure way of getting it is to devote all you have.. trust me, the years will pass anyway!

Go get em’