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The Calcium Choice

True Story,

Calcium is a mineral found in the earth.

Calcium is present in plants that grow from mineral rich soil.

Animals eat these plants and obtain calcium, cows eating grass is a perfect example.

Calcium is then transferred to the mother cow’s breastmilk, same goes for zebra milk, giraffe milk, rabbit milk, etc. Nature knows.

Here’s the kicker.. you have a choice.

1. Obtain calcium and other minerals by eating nutrient rich plants.  OR   2. Drink the BREASTMILK of the animal who ate plants.

😑 hhmmm (Insert Jeopardy theme song)

If you chose #1 and you prefer to obtain your calcium directly from the source, dark leafy greens are a great place to start!


It’s very important to not only obtain calcium regularly, but even more important to keep it in your bones!  Eating an alkaline diet rich in fruits and vegetables is the best way.

A diet high in processed food and animal products (including dairy) is highly acidic, and your body will leach calcium from your bones to remain in an alkaline state.  Alkaline = health

You didn’t think all those calcium supplements in the supermarket were for vegans did you?  And have you ever wondered why a society that virtually eats dairy at every meal, would have even the slightest instance of osteoporosis?  

I remember doing a project on osteoporosis in grade school, and my conclusion was.. eat and drink as much dairy as possible for strong growing bones.  😝  Thank the heavens for today’s information age – the internet – where you can find sources of information outside of what is driven by the dairy industry.  I’m still a little hurt that I was lied to – can you tell?  My only regret about my lifestyle change, is that I didn’t do it sooner.

I encourage you to clean your slate.  To read both sides of the story.  Unlearn and relearn.  Never stop investigating.  Experiment with yourself.  Get some blood work done.  Don’t take my word for it.  Read read read.  Ask ask ask.  Try try try.

And most importantly.. never, ever, listen to the TV.