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How do I get my kids to eat more fruit and vegetables?!?

I think it’s safe to say that every mom wishes their kids would eat more fruit and veg on a daily basis.

The real question is.. Should mom/dad be eating more fruit and veg on a daily basis?  How many times a day do your kids see you eat it? thoroughly enjoying it ? eating it because it TASTES GOOD and not because it’s good for you?  Craving it? Making a meal of it? Snacking on it?

Work on you, and the children will follow.


Here are a few tips which may speed up the process..

  1. Buy loads of the fruit/veg that they already love.  If they will only eat peeled cucumber slices and strawberries, then give them this every day! Don’t stress about how they don’t want to try asparagus and canary melons, just give them a generous amount of their faves.
  2. Start a trend that with every meal, something fresh needs to be included.  Even if it’s cucumbers and strawberries again, even just one, it’s always a good habit to have something raw and living with each meal.
  3. They need to see you snacking on fruit and veg, and not only saving it for meal times.  Throw a colourful fruit salad together in the late evening they can eat with their hands while watching a movie.  If they insist on their usual oreos and chips, then insist this comes first, they won’t feel like eating the entire box of cookies if their bellies are already full to begin with.
  4. Make it available always, in great abundance! Have it all over your counter and kitchen table, always at arms reach.  Washed and ready to go.
  5. Spend the extra dollars on high quality.  No one wants to eat a sour mango or an old apple.  Raise the quality to raise the desire.
  6. Remember it won’t happen over night!  Be proud that at the very least you are planting seeds in your children.  There will come a day when they are older, and they will remember that health comes in the form of beautifully coloured living foods.   They’ll know exactly what to do because they have seen it somewhere before!

You can do it mom!